Welcome to my Website

Welcome. I’m Francesca. A CEO, creator ®, digital humanist, writer and volunteer currently living in Italy. Mum (long-distance adoption) of a beautiful tibetan kid monk, my interests range from technology to web development: interested in innovation, AI, and education. Over the years, I became very sensitive to the issue of cyberbullying, especially in the youth area.
My CV is under construction every day, I try to improve myself as well as possibile (as you can see from this section in the sidebar menu). Personal and professional development through practical, training and education courses. Here, my roadmap and path for Scientific Specialization as MS Cloud Advocate that better describe focus area of interesting and study. It’s a long, long path… It needs hours of training, elaboration and study. And like the progress, it cannot be stopped and must always be object of evaluation and analysis.
So, greetings to see you on my official recognition page. Remember that the other sections, the links not reported in this and in the other related pages (social, platform etc) are contents not approved or confirmed by me. Therefore, they cannot be considered contents of exchange, information and testimony of the activities and works that I manage or create. If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to say hello through any of the social links below.
Good trails and thanks for taking the time to follow this page.