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An ancient Indian proverb says that each of us is like an house with four rooms: a physical, a mental, an emotional and a spiritual one. Most of us tend to live in a room most of the time. But until we go to every room, every day, even just to air it, we won’t be completed people. – M.R Godden

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I grow up in Microsoft Environment (Learning Path Microsoft Docs). At the end, here my MS DOCS. And Microsoft Virtual Academy. I’m Microsoft Digital Literacy certified too.You can find me on Tech and MEC me. Feel free to ask via MS Answer.

Channel9 Niner.
Follow Microsoft’s upcoming features withMixer webcast. Currently on Microsoft Developer Network (MDN).

Currently on Microsoft Developer Network (MDN).

I support and explore technical issues on MS Rewards.

XBox Gamer in free time, of course.


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